Outpatient Services- Is a service which is provided to children and adults. This service consists of Individual and Family therapy for children and adults in their home, school, and or office setting.

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services (TBOS) is a therapeutic behavioral health service that provides intensive therapy for children and their families at home, school, and office. It includes individual therapy for children and family therapy for parents / caregivers.

Psychiatric Services- Our Wide range of psychiatric services includes a full psychiatric evaluation, ongoing medication management, and other supportive care. Our Psychiatric staff will monitor the patient for progress, and recommend the most appropriate level of care.

Children’s Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Provided to children and their families ages 0-17 who are at risk of out of home placement, hospitalization, and/or risk of academic failure.

TCM is designed to assist the client and/or family with the coordination, linkage, advocacy and monitoring of services. These services include but are not limited to; mental health services, family support, educational support/placement, housing, financial resources, basic living needs, legal concerns, medical issues, dental concerns and social support.

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